Thursday, October 04, 2007

Game one notes

I'm writing this after Wang bonked AGAIN and gave up Martinez's homer. Here are the keys to this game through 5 innings:

(1) Wang's been horrible. Joe could have taken him out in the third or fourth. Wang has pitched from underneath the ball and his sinker has floated throughout the game.

(2) Jorge has been atrocious: two crucial whiffs -- one out, first-and-second in the 1st; one out, bases loaded in the 5th. Just awful on two occasions he needed to do something positive.

(3) The only explanation for Joe deciding to play the completely overmatched and clueless Matsui tonight is the possibility that Mientkevitz's leg problem would potentially force him out of the game. That explanation is not the truth, because Torre had Matsui in the lineup yesterday, not Duncan. Matsui has been overmatched -- like a high schooler against Sabathia.

(4) Bruce Froemming's strike zone is ridiculously small. No one should swing at a breaking ball because if it's anywhere near the edge of the zone, it's a ball. This game is 2.5 hours old in the bottom of the 5th.

(5) Chip Caray is p-----g me off. Pure rooting for the Indians. Ass.

The Indians are hitting all the fat high pitches the Yanks are throwing. The Yanks have done nothing once Sabathia's been in trouble.

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