Monday, June 21, 2004

Yankees all the time

Just FYI, the Yankees are 43-24 and 38 of their 67 games have been against teams with winning records. The Yanks are 23-6 against losing teams, and 20-18 (19-12 not counting their disgrace against the Red Sawx) against winning teams. The Red Sux are 39-29 but have played only 24 games against winners (13-11; 7-10 against non-Yankees) and are only 26-18 against losing teams. Put it this way: since they took their beatings from the RedSux, the Yanks are 35-13 and 15-9 against winning teams -- a .625 winning rate that would translate to 101 wins over 162 games against winning teams alone. Meanwhile, the Yanks have endured a difficult schedule while the RedSax have played 14 fewer games against good teams.

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