Thursday, June 10, 2004

Reagan tribute of the day

This is from VP Dick Cheney yesterday, delivered at the Capitol. Here is the essence of the speech:

Ronald Reagan was more than an historic figure. He was a providential man, who came along just when our nation and the world most needed him. And believing as he did that there is a plan at work in each life, he accepted not only the great duties that came to him, but also the great trials that came near the end. When he learned of his illness, his first thoughts were of Nancy. And who else but Ronald Reagan could face his own decline and death with a final message of hope to his country, telling us that for America there is always a bright dawn ahead. Fellow Americans, here lies a graceful and a gallant man.

And for more fun, here is National Review's reaction to the "Ash-Heap of History" speech Reagan gave before the UK Parliament in 1982.

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