Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Good Blog

Here is a good new blog -- the Diary of an Anti-Chomskyite. Noam Chomsky is a linguistics professor at MIT, but his relatively obscure specialty did not hinder him in becoming one of the most influential far-leftists in America. Chomsky is an expert on nothing outside of linguistics, yet has written numerous essays and books decrying the United States, canonizing brutal Communist dictatorships (most famously his defenses of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge), exalting Palestinian and Arab terrorism and casting the US as the force of evil in the world. Chomsky's stock in trade includes blatant factual errors and slipshod conclusions combined with "many say that ___," "there is evidence of ___" types of unattributed (and untraceable) accusations and allegations.

He is not a researcher, not an historian, just a left-wing nutter whose beliefs have received entirely too much acclaim from disaffected 60s radicals now ensconced in America's universities and white suburban punk and grunge rockers who never received worthwhile educations (many notable rock groups have been influenced by Chomsky and his fellow traveler Howard Zinn [a World War II hero who, to this day, says the US was wrong to fight in WWII and is most famous for his communist-sympathizing history books]-- see Pearl Jam, the group Chomsky, etc.). It is the Chomskyite world view that provides the belief structure of International ANSWER, the antiglobalization movement, MoveOn.org and similar left-wing loonies. The Anti-Chomsky blog is a great resource to debunk and defuse these people.

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