Sunday, June 20, 2004


The Monk was in Cali this weekend to see some family and generally hang out. I saw the Yankees-Dodgers game on Saturday where Brad Halsey threw one bad pitch to the Dodgers -- to Hideo Nomo (the LA pitcher), who banged it out. The Yanks won 6-2, but choked Friday thanks to three unearned runs and honked tonight thanks to more bad fielding. At least the Red Sax ran into the Jason Schmidt buzzsaw today and the Yanks come home up 4.5.

BTW, nice time in Cali. One of The Monk's cousins is an aspiring HS basketball star and he routed The Monk in HORSE (Monk's decreased agility from what little previously existed prevented any one-on-one). Monk saw MaMonk and PaMonk and was bestowed with excellent artwork by aforesaid hoopologically able cousin.

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