Thursday, June 24, 2004

Novak to Bush supporters: relax

Robert Novak says that the Republican attack ads, Bill Clinton's resurfacing and Kerry's miscalculations regarding John McCain have contributed to minimize the damage Pres. Bush has suffered over the past 5-6 weeks and prevented Kerry from obtaining a lead in the presidential race.

But Kerry is more than just the vacillating opportunist that the RNC has portrayed him as. He is feckless, intentionally misleading, and derelict in his duty. To date, there have been 135 votes in the Senate, Kerry has made 18. I LIKE the fact that the Republicans screwed Kerry yesterday when Kerry came to Washington to vote for a veterans' benefits package in order to show the support for the vets that Kerry failed to exhibit in the 1970s (and '80s and '90s, etc.). When Bob Dole ran against Clinton, both men had to do their day jobs -- Dole as Senate leader, Clinton as (useless) president. This year, Kerry is on extended vacation while Pres. Bush is still leading the free world.

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