Friday, June 25, 2004

A memo is just a memo

Andy McCarthy lambastes the media for overhyping the memo -- you know, THAT memo from the Defense Dept.'s legal counsel office that examined what is, what is not and what could be "torture" under international law.

Here are a couple of his key points:

Without a violative action by the president and his top aides, this is a kerfuffle invented by people with too much space and air time to fill who know that scandal is what sells. You would think that with a war going on, Iraqi sovereignty about to revert, and a beheading by jihadists every week or so, someone might question the news judgment of turning into a story the thought processes of advisers to officials who haven't been shown to have misbehaved.

* * *

Just because a newspaper may freely slant its reporting to suit an agenda doesn't mean everybody has that luxury. The Times can afford to be wrong; a president conducting a war against an enemy whose primary tactic is to kill as many civilians as possible cannot.

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