Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The US: reducing emissions while growing the economy

Pres. Bush has a bit of a gloat in this article, which notes that the US reduced carbon emissions by 1.3% while the economy grew by 3.3%. The WaPo writer seems to downplay this, but make no mistake -- this is a HUGE drop considering the US economy is still rolling along.

Naturally, climate warming alarmists like Sen. Kerry want more, including a drop in overall emissions by 60-80% by 2050 (contrary to Kerry, no credible science calls for that). That simply cannot be done without crippling the economy and reconfiguring the country into a hunter/gatherer society. And of course, the single best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is anathema to the US environmental movement: nuclear power. Once again, this proves that environmentalism is just an attempt to re-establish 19th century living standards under a socialist redistribution system.

Meanwhile, across the ponds: (1) Europe will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 0.6% WITHIN THE NEXT FOUR YEARS; and (2) China is now the world's top greenhouse gas polluting country -- it achieved this dubious distinction years ahead of schedule. Ten years ago the Senate had the perspicacity to avoid any and all multilateral greenhouse gas reduction agreements that did not include China and India, including rejecting the Kyoto Treaty by a 95-0 vote. Today, McCain, Kerry, Kennedy and the rest of the alarmists seek to eviscerate our economy through the equivalent of economic unilateral disarmament. Meanwhile, the President, who has steadfastly maintained the policy the Senate approved in its Kyoto vote, is a target of condemnation. And he'll get no credit from the left for achieving something Bill Clinton failed to: growing the economy while reducing the pollution rate.


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