Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More bad ideas from a GOP Administration

This is ridiculous:

John Negroponte, Deputy Secretary of State, and Gordon England, deputy Secretary of Defense, penned this column urging ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty -- a transnational monstrosity designed to erode the authority of sovereign nations and instead vest decision-making power in a Law of the Sea "Authority" (that's the shorthand name of the bureaucracy the treaty created -- the International Seabed Authority).

In 1982, Pres. Reagan rejected the treaty. Pres. Clinton sought to fix it, did so to some degree and signed it, but never presented it to the Senate for ratification. Given the socialist economic basis of the Treaty (see here for more) that would operate as poorly as the pre-Wolfowitz World Bank, there is no reason for the US to sign on.

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