Monday, June 18, 2007

The UN's criminal irrelevance, part 3758

The worst thing about the lemming-like "consensus" on global warming is that the slipshod thought process that leads scientists to claim that there is man-made global warming (completely unproven -- why was the temperature increasing at a higher rate in the 1930s and '40s, then we allegedly faced a coming Ice Age in the '70s, and now the world will overheat?), that leads some scientists and the fools in the media to claim that global warming leads to more hurricanes (completely disproven), now leads to reprehensibly stupid allegations like this:

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the slaughter in Darfur was triggered by global climate change and that more such conflicts may be on the horizon, in an article published Saturday.

"The Darfur conflict began as an ecological crisis, arising at least in part from climate change," Ban said in a Washington Post opinion column.

UN statistics showed that rainfall declined some 40 percent over the past two decades, he said, as a rise in Indian Ocean temperatures disrupted monsoons.

"This suggests that the drying of sub-Saharan Africa derives, to some degree, from man-made global warming," the South Korean diplomat wrote. "It is no accident that the violence in Darfur erupted during the drought."

When Darfur's land was rich, he said, black farmers welcomed Arab herders and shared their water, he said. With the drought, however, farmers fenced in their land to prevent overgrazing.

Thus Ban's thesis essentially means this: Sudanese Islamist fundamentalists who despise "infidels," especially animist blacks in the south of that country, and who have sponsored, succored and supported terrorism for decades are only seeking to destroy the peaceful blacks because of global warming.

To paraphrase Orwell: This is so stupid only a diplomat could believe it.

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