Friday, June 29, 2007

The averted UK bomb threat

As you likely know by now, an ambulance crew called to help a clubgoer at 1:30 am last night in London spotted a smoking car. The crew called the police and the bobbies discovered a homemade bomb. And it was not merely a pipebomb -- the police said it could have had devastating effects if it had not been discovered and dismantled.

The would-be bombers placed the device in a Mercedes sedan, which they parked in the Haymarket/Piccadilly Circus area of London -- a tourist and nightlife haven somewhat akin to Times Square. The Brits are confronting reality to some degree -- they've refused to soft-pedal the reality that "international elements" are behind the attack.

Meanwhile, the al-Hesbah Jihad Forum, a group where Sunni terrorists routinely communicate over the Web, cheered the bombing . . . before it happened.

Worse yet, the nature of the bomb and its delivery is reminiscent of this thwarted plan al-Qaeda put in motion in 2004.

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