Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Battle for Iraq

Former Green Beret and journalist Michael Yon is reporting that the Battle for Iraq is on. I'm calling it the Battle for Iraq because more so than the invasion in 2003 the fate of the country and of the region may be on the line here this summer and fall. The implications for the West is critical.

Thoughts flow on the eve of a great battle. By the time these words are released, we will be in combat. Few ears have heard even rumors of this battle, and fewer still are the eyes that will see its full scope. Even now—the battle has already begun for some—practically no news about it is flowing home. I’ve known of the secret plans for about a month, but have remained silent.

This campaign is actually a series of carefully orchestrated battalion- and brigade-sized battles. Collectively, it is probably the largest battle since “major hostilities” ended more than four years ago. Even the media here on the ground do not seem to have sensed its scale

This campaign is probably the early moves in General David Petraeus' strategy for re-taking Iraq from Al Qaeda. It is long, detailed and outstanding. And if you can, please donate.

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