Monday, June 18, 2007

The must-read of the day

Don Surber dismantles the Boston Globe's Sharia-ism.


The Boston Globe in an editorial today showed why a certain strain of liberals can no longer be trusted with the nation’s security, and since this strain now dominates the Democratic Party, Democratics can no longer be trusted with the nation’s security.

* * *

The editorial’s title showed how ridiculously ill some liberals have become, “Please, not another Cold War.”

Why not another Cold War? It cost few lives. It ended with the liberation of hundreds of millions Slavs, Ukranians, Hungarians, Poles, Czechs, Germans and on and on.

The only reason anyone would not want another Cold War is because those poor souls believe the wrong side won, comrade.

And that's just the beginning. Read the whole thing.

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