Friday, June 01, 2007

Holy moley

Stop the presses! revealed, in passing, that David Hyde Pierce is gay.

In other news, Francisco Franco is still dead.

I mean . . . this was not a mystery of the universe recently revealed.

Actually, I'm really dumping on with these comments because they claim his sexuality has been a secret for decades and that it was only revealed in a "paragraph carefully buried in the article." Mayhap the CNN author did not think Pierce's orientation was that dang important?

I'm thinking that everyone who knows Pierce personally knows his sexuality (ditto for Kevin Spacey). I'm also thinking that everyone who knows Pierce respects him enough to respect his desire to keep his personal life, um . . . personal. Pierce is a fine actor (four Emmys, 12 nominations during Frasier's great run) and a great talk show guest because he is witty and direct. He's also quite respectable.

The Monk salutes celebs who hold their privacy sacred in our voyeuristic culture. We need no more Lindsay Lohans or Paris Hiltons.

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