Friday, June 22, 2007

Chinese car quality = worse than the pet food

China's primary automaker, Brilliance, makes a sedan it labeled the BS6. Currently, the BS6 is sold in Europe. The company intends to export the car to the US later this year or early in 2008. Market niche: luxury sedan at economy price.

It's a failure in the making. Click the link above to watch an absolutely devastating crash test by the German equivalent of AAA using standard European testing guidelines. Essentially, this test is akin to the NHTSA 40 mph straight head-on collision test. Given the damage to the driver area in this test where the impact is spread through the front of the car, the more accurate IIHS (Insurers Institute for Highway Safety) 35 mph frontal offset test, which concentrates impact at the driver's side as if the car hit an equivalent car coming in the opposite direction at 35 mph, would probably mark the car as the worst one ever tested.

In other words, the Brilliance BS6 needs to go back to the drawing board FAST.

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