Friday, December 02, 2005

"Tookie" Primer

We'll probably be hearing more about the impending execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams next week as his December 13 execution date draws closer.

Tookie Williams is the founder of the vicious LA Crips gang who was convicted of four murders by shotgun. He's started writing anti-gang children's books in prison and there's been movement for Governor Schwarzenegger to commute his sentence.

Rich Lowry and Dale Franks give compelling reasons why the Governator should ignore the fashionable cause of the moment.

Lowry sums up Tookie's murders:

All this agitation is on behalf of a man whose bestial specialty was the close-range shotgun blast...

Williams committed his first murder while robbing a 7-Eleven with three associates in 1979. Williams ordered Albert Owens into a storage room in the back of the store. He made him lie down, then fired two rounds into his back. The barrel of the gun was so close to Owens that the pathologist said one of the wounds was “a near contact wound.” Owens had offered no resistance, and Williams later mimicked the dying Owens with gurgling sounds. The robbery netted $120, or $30 per robber.

Two weeks later, Williams robbed a motel of $100, murdering three people. He shot 76-year-old Yen-I Yang twice at close range. He shot Yang’s 63-year-old wife, Tsai-Shai Yang, in the face. He shot their 43-year-old daughter once in the back and once in the abdomen.

The murders happened 25 years ago and somehow I doubt the celebrities who are clamoring for mercy remember the faces of the four people he butchered. Maybe the DA's office can release pictures of the crime scenes. Wonder how the knuckleheads at would like that.

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