Monday, December 05, 2005

Israel fiddles as Iran gets closer to nukes

Mohammed El-Baradei, the IAEA head who believes that every no nuclear weapon capable nation should deny nuclear weapons to any other nation, admitted that Iran is merely months away from obtaining nuclear weapon capability.

The US has allowed the EU-3, France, Germany and the UK, to take the lead in dealing with the Iranians and dissuading them from obtaining nuclear weapon capability and those negotiations have been worthless. The Iranians have repeatedly reaffirmed their intent to become a nuclear power.

Israel needs to stop dithering and do what it must. The Iranians have been more honest in their public proclamations that they intend to go nuclear than the EU-3 have been in their claims that the Iranians can be talked out of becoming a nuclear power. And Iran has repeatedly stated that it will try to wipe Israel off the map. The choice seems clear: time for Osirak II.

UPDATE: The Jerusalem Post may have misquoted Baradei -- nice way to alarm the public. This report in The Independent is more detailed and indicates Baradei said Iran would be able to go nuclear in a few months IF it gets its uranium enrichment facility online.

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