Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hot stove updates

If you must, CNNSI's Truth & Rumors page has the best hot stove updates during the Winter Meetings.

Latest reports have Juan Pierre going to the Cubs for three pitching prospects. The Yanks seem likely to remain pretty quiet - the decision today will be whether they intend to keep Bernie around as a utility player - if so they need to offer arbitration by 11.59pm and Bernie would have to agree to decline it.

There have been some mumbles about Nomar Garciaparra being available and joining the Yanks as a utility player. Be a bit expensive but might be a marquee signing that might appeal to George especially if its a 1 to 2 year contract. Yanks don't need help in the infield and I'm not convinced he would adjust well to CF. He certainly isn't a leadoff hitter which would force Jeter to remain in that role.

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