Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sympathy for Strikers?

The Wongette had to go into Manhattan today using Metro-North, one of the commuter railroads which is not on strike and this is what she reported:

Well, by the time I got there, the line to get onto the platform was about 100 deep(didn't know that many people take the train from xxxxx). They were regulating the flow of people onto the trains. Had to buy special tix - costs only $4 each way but no receipt. But missed 3 trains while they made us line up (they had a couple extra trains in general) but clearly they were intentionally slowing down service - the train was completely empty when it was finally my turn to get on - and there was still a long line! Same was true when we passed by xxxxx station - I could see the line that snaked down the block but not that many people got on the train. Ridiculous. Is that their version of a sympathy strike?

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