Tuesday, December 06, 2005

King of the movie makers

The latest Drudge flash says movie insiders are predicting that King Kong will threaten Titanic's all-time box office records of $600M+ domestic and $1.8B+ worldwide.

That would be great.

Personally, I like Peter Jackson because: (1) he made three very good movies to capture Lord of the Rings on film; (2) he showed great class after the Academy Awards completely screwed Fellowship of the Ring, easily the best movie of 2001; (3) he's not an egotiste like James "I'm king of the world" Cameron; (4) he loves movies, so he makes movies he loves -- something that comes through in his pictures.

Early buzz on Kong is between very good and excellent. It has what are now the typical Jackson hallmarks: emotional involvement, awesome effects, occasional mawkishness (which I think comes from Jackson's delegating scriptwriting duties to his wifeinallbutname Fran Walsh and friend Philippa Boyens), and great storytelling. Look for The Monk's review in this space just as soon as Monkette2B lets me see it.

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