Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ever heard of Sam Johnson?

Sam Johnson (R-TX) is a Representative from Texas. He shared the same cell with John McCain in Hanoi. He resolutely opposes McCain's effort to ban coercive interrogation of unlawful combatants.

“Requiring the Field Manual to detail every type and means for interrogation and making it the sole authority on interrogation techniques would give our enemies advance knowledge, allowing them to train their people to withstand our procedures,” he wrote.

“Having to potentially sift through thousands of pages of proper techniques in order to get interrogation authorization would likely compromise our ability to control the process, potentially preventing us from attaining valuable information that could avert future attacks,” Johnson wrote.

Here's McCain on the much decorated Johnson (two Silver Stars, the Distinguished Flying Cross, two Purple Hearts, two Legions of Merit and a Bronze Star):

“I wasn’t really as courageous as Sam Johnson,” McCain, who was awarded many of the same medals, told The Dallas Morning News for a 2003 profile of Johnson. “I mean that. He suffered a lot more than I did.”

Anyone arguing for the 'moral authority' of Sam Johnson?

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