Thursday, October 06, 2005

Three observations

from the Monk who is out of pocket in lovely Houston today (*cough*dump*cough)

1) If the Yanks lose this ALDS, the first blame goes to Arod -- that muff of the easy grounder in the 6th set the stage for the LAAs comeback. Wang pitched very well, he deserved better.

2) Cano stretched from the wrong foot when Wang had the throwing error in the 7th. Jeter stretched from the wrong foot in game 7 of the '01 WS when Rivera's offline throw helped set up the Snakes' famous rally. Each time, the fielder could not reach the throw b/c his left foot was on the bag -- but you need to stretch from the opposite foot of your glove hand (left hand, right foot).

3) ESPN needs better stat-checkers. Yesterday Jon Miller said that the Angels beat the Twins in 6 in the '02 ALCS, but they won in 5. On Tuesday, a list of the biggest losses by a defending WS champ in its first playoff game defending the crown (in response to the Chisawx win) said only the '75 A's came back to win their series. The '75 Redsux swept the A's in the ALCS; the '73 A's (on same list) came back to win.

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