Monday, October 10, 2005

Dumb and dumberer

So here's the situation: 3 balls, 1 strike on Garrett Anderson who took Randy Johnson out of the yard Friday on a low inside fastball when ahead in the count. What does Posada call and Moooooooose throw? Low inside fastball. Yanks had led 2-0; after that pitch it's 2-1. Then it all gets worse: Mooooooooose walking a .222 hitter with two out then grooving one to the light-hitting Adam Kennedy. Why the outfielders are colliding when it's ALWAYS the CF's ball in case of conflict is beyond me. Ask McCarver who didn't even mention that point.

No comment on ARod going out like a sucker against a winded and erratic Santana with two out and a runner on second.

Other things:

--> Matsui's been a huge disappointment -- a barely out-of-yard homer in game 3 is his only contribution offensively.

--> Williams is a 15-year veteran and he honks a hit-and-run sign.

--> Joe Buck is getting more pro-Angel by the minute. I'd like to have Thom Brennaman back, he was decidedly neutral except for one undeniable opinion last night: if the Boss fires Torre, he's insane.

3-2 Angels in the third, Santana seems to be settling down in relief of Colon, and the Yanks have been outhomered 6-3 in the Series . . .

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