Monday, October 31, 2005

Second choice: a vast improvement

As you saw from Wongdoer, Pres. Bush nominated Third Circuit Judge Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. On the second try, Bush made a real nomination for the Supreme Court.

This nomination puts the ball squarely in Bill Frist's court: Alito is highly intelligent, vastly qualified and completely competent; therefore Frist and the Senate Judiciary Committee must ensure that a qualified jurist does not get borked by the Left.

The Democrats will likely filibuster and the Senate Majority leader must hold firm. There is no reason for a Republican-controlled Senate if it cannot approve qualified judicial nominees made by a Republican president. The talking points are ready for the Left: (1) he is too radical for the American people; (2) he is no moderate but will replace one (O'Connor). Both critiques must be met with unequivocal support for the President and the nominee: he is unquestionably qualified, choosing him is the President's prerogative, and the American people voted in unprecedented numbers for THIS President. Any filibuster must be broken to enforce the Constitution -- a duty of every Federal officeholder. If the Senate cannot get Alito confirmed, Frist should step down as Majority Leader.

Other reactions:

Matthew Franck thinks there will be no filibuster and that ultimately 60+ senators will vote to confirm.

Ed Whelan says the Senate has a sufficient record to review, so this whole process should be swift.

For the first time in four weeks, Hugh Hewitt is right.

Orin Kerr also approves.

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