Monday, October 03, 2005

Roll Tide

It was a good sports weekend here for us at the Key Monk. In addition to the Yankees making the playoffs with the predicted 95 wins by the Monk

- The #15 Alabama Crimson Tide steamrolled the #5 Florida Gators 31-3 in Tuscaloosa. This was just a beating. The Tide is 5-0 in easily its biggest win since the SEC Championship in 1999. The only downer was speedy junior split end Tyrone Prothro broke his leg in the 4th quarter after landing awkwardly in the end zone and is done for the year.

- The Monk's Nittany Lions walloped #18 Minnesota 44-24 to also go 5-0. It's been a rough run for the Lions but even an old foe like me doesn't mind seeing Joe Pa go on one more good run - (unless, of course, they meet Alabama in a bowl). (This is probably the kiss of death - me rooting for the Lions.)

Stay tuned for more erudite commentary from the Monk.

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