Monday, October 03, 2005

The Instaprof: Dead Wrong

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds honked his Miers analysis today. He noted negative right-wing reaction to her nomination to the Supreme Court and said:
Democrats, seeing this sort of complaint from Bush's own supporters, are likely to smell blood. It's early to start the handicapping, but this is a nomination that -- unlike John Roberts' -- is starting out in trouble.

This is completely wrongheaded. If the Democrats are savvy (remember, the Republicans are the stupid party), they'll happily approve her nomination because if there's anything WORSE than a Bush nominee that the Right hates, it's a Bush nominee that the Right LOVES. The Kossacks (we do NOT link that nutter on this site) understand this principle.

Understand Prof. Reynolds? The best the Dems can hope for is a stealth nominee because each of the post-WWII stealth nominees have turned out to be traitors to the President's party (Warren, Brennan [who was a Democrat but nominated by Ike], White, Blackmun, Stevens, Kennedy, Souter). Their feeling is that conservative legal thought is the Troy that ends up sacked by the Trojan Horse candidates, and they've a long track record to rely upon.

Therefore, the Democrats would be smart to jump in line behind Harry Reid, confirm Miers and watch what happens. Only if the President has outsmarted them yet again will they be dismayed. From the strained choruses of Miers' defenders and supporters, it seems more likely that my dismay will continue for as long as Justice Miers is on the Court than any other outcome will happen.

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