Thursday, October 27, 2005

Act of Loyalty - Miers withdraws

Harriet Miers withdrew this morning about 9:00am.

I'd like to think that my original thoughts here were right:

The only realistic scenario in which Miers isn't [confirmed] I think is one where she voluntarily requests that her nomination be withdrawn. Why would she do that? If, contrary to Deacon's sentiments, the conservative outcry surges and she believes that her nomination will do significant damage to her President and the causes she believes in, it may be a possibility. SCOTUS would be the crowning achievement of any legal career and for a woman whose two primary pillars appear to be her work and her faith it would be a pretty big disappointment. So not likely.

However, I would not put it past her - a woman whom many have lauded for her humility and faith - to say my nomination isn't worth the cost of splintering the conservative right and withdraw. That would be I think the consummate act of loyalty and, ironically, probably prove to her critics on the right that we were wrong.

In my view this wasn't a decision by the President but by a loyal supporter who could read the handwriting on the wall.

Thanks, Ms. Miers.

I doubt very much that the Miers episode will do the President any lasting harm. The affection that many Americans and most of the Right feel for him is deep and true. With the possible exception of Snarlin' Arlen they will circle the wagons around any credible, qualified, originalist nominee.

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