Tuesday, May 10, 2005

She 'FELT' chased

Poor Melody Townsel:

(from hearing transcripts via NRO)

Q: You make some reference, in your letter, to "chasing you through the halls." Is--
Ms. Townsel: Right.
Q: Can you describe that?
Ms. Townsel: Well, I mean, I -- this is what I'm talking about. No matter where I went in this hotel, if he [John Bolton] saw me, began to approach me rapidly. If I saw him in the breakfast bar, he would make a beeline for me. The first night after the second meeting, it was, you know, following me hurriedly into the hall, while I left, because the meeting had broken down. And it began to be clear that -- "chasing" may not be the best word. I definitely felt chased.

He actually didn't chase her, but she 'felt' being chased.

What a freaking disgrace.

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