Thursday, May 26, 2005

Even worse re: the filibuster deal

Here's some worse news about someone I respected -- it seems that the driving force behind the Seven Republican Dwarfs' acceding to the Owen-Brown-Pryor-but-screw-the-President-otherwise deal, or the Doc of these Seven Republican Dwarfs, was John Warner. McCain would happily claim credit because he is an exhibitionist and the press loves the deal, so it gives him better press. But the notion that Warner and Robert Byrd were the driving forces in this is probably easier to accept: both are popular with their bases, both have solid party credentials, both are the old dogs of their party who could put the wisdom-of-age gloss on this whole thing.

I just wish Warner would not be the one to sell out a Republican president. It would be nice if Warner did so in part for the Machiavellian reason that he would make his colleague from Virginia, George Allen, a staunch proponent of the Constitutional option, look good to the base by contrast in a way to boost Allen's Presidential chances in 2008 . . .

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