Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bush policies effective, says UK policy institute

The International Institute for Strategic Studies is no shill for the Bush Administration, thus it's noteworthy when its 384-page report says this:
"Even though the Bush policy was bold, controversial and sometimes divisive, his aggressive global agenda of promoting freedom, and democracy appeared increasingly effective," the IISS said in its 384-page "Strategic Survey 2004-05".

Counter-terrorism efforts over the period had also seen an overall net gain, the report argued, despite the seemingly "counterproductive" aspects of some of the United States's self-declared "war on terror".

Remember: the media's antipathy to the war on terror and the Bush Administration has nothing to do with its failure to report on the IISS findings with the same vigor and prominence as it reported on Amnesty International's preposterous claim that Gitmo Bay is a gulag.

Yeah, right.

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