Thursday, May 26, 2005

* * *Announcement* * *

There will be certain changes to this blog in the coming weeks, primarily necessitated by a major change in The Monk's personal life. To wit: I'm starting a new job on June 6 (or 6 June to our non-American readers). To date, my current employer is still without clue that I do this. My next employer is both more technically savvy and more intense. And for the extra money they'll be paying me . . . I should give them value for their dollars. Therefore, my postings will be primarily during the evenings, at lunch time or before I get to work (the last is least likely b/c The Monk is not a morning person). If Wongdoer approves, I may also send him tips and comments to post on my behalf.

Wongdoer will probably carry the ball during the dayshift. That's a good thing in most ways EXCEPT that he may actually be worth slightly more than I pay him. This would be a change because he is currently worth every cent he has made from participation in this blog.

What does this mean to you? Not much since there aren't that many of "you" to begin with. I'm still the namesake, founder, occasional editor and ombudsman of this blog and I'll still converse with commenters (Oyster, Chris, Tundarafan, etc.). All opinions are, however, the responsibility of whoever states them, therefore I take no responsibility for Oyster's liberal inanities, Chris' bemoaning of the Cubs/Bears/Bulls, Wongdoer's impugning the impugnable ChiComms, etc., but I welcome all comments (except spam, phishing, etc.) regardless of my opinion of their worth.

Nonetheless, expect longer entries on weekends with more frequency from me while Wongdoer dominates the weekdays; and expect Wongdoer to sleep away his weekends like he usually does (actually, I think his efforts to teach his 3-year old daughter how to do the family taxes so he doesn't have to eff with it takes most of his free time). In other words, we'll likely become more like Vodkapundit, except we'll still blog more, work harder and get 1/100th the traffic.

Furthermore, starting next Tuesday Wongdoer will have the con for about 4-5 days. That means more wild colors that are unreadable on a dark background and more really long excerpts from whatever the f--k he's reading, but it also means actual insight on monetary issues and succinct commentary. Reason? The Monk will be in Belize (with Monkette2B, natch), taking a short break before he plunges into the roiling waters of his new job.

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