Sunday, May 29, 2005


Scotland is a beautiful country that has made tremendous contributions to the world in philosophy, economics, medicine and consumable items (shortbread, whisky). Its politics, however, more resemble those of Spain or Belgium than any normal country. As Mark Steyn recently noted in analyzing the UK elections, Labour lost England and retained its vast majority in the Commons thanks to those "socialist satrapies" of Scotland and Wales. There are reasons that Scotland's economy lags behind that of England, Republic of Ireland, and the emerging capitalist states in Eastern Europe: incompetent socialist policies by the Scottish Parliament and wasted money from Parliament (four words: the new Scottish Parliament).

And to encapsulate Scottish political idiocy: George Galloway, and the BBC Scotland commentary at USS Neverdock (click link in title) defending Saddam's biggest shill in the UK. Disgusting.

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