Thursday, May 19, 2005

CPB: where liberal bias is fed by your taxes

Beautiful editorial in Investor's Business Daily on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which the IBD labels "TV's Amtrak" and its leading liberal bomb-thrower, Bill Moyers.

Quick excerpt:

Moyers almost made Howard Dean look rational in a speech Sunday before the second National Conference on Media Reform. He accused Kenneth Tomlinson of "blacklisting" several prominent Americans during a stint as director of the Voice of America during the Reagan administration by keeping them from speaking on behalf of the U.S. Information Agency.

* * *
While this attempt to make PBS fair and balanced is laudable, it raises the question of whether taxpayer funding is still needed. When PBS was created in 1967, three major networks controlled what we saw and heard on TV. But in today's 500-channel environment, public television is an anachronism.

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