Friday, May 27, 2005

Charles Krauthammer reads TKM?

The great Charles Krauthammer used the same appellation (or epithet) for the judicial filibuster deal that Wongdoer did: the Missouri Compromise (of 2005). More importantly, he notes that the deal is a disaster for Republicans:

On Monday Republicans were within hours of passing a procedural rule that would have eliminated the Democrats' unprecedented use of the judicial filibuster. It would not only have freed from filibuster limbo seven Bush nominees to the appeals courts, but it would also have ensured future nominees, particularly to the Supreme Court, up-or-down votes.

Then the Republicans flinched. They settled for something less. Far less. How much less is still a matter of dispute, but the fact that they settled when they had within their reach the means to restore Senate practice to the status quo ante 2001 is indisputable. That in itself is a victory for the Democrats and a defeat for the Republicans.

The biggest reason why that is true: Republicans will never filibuster a Democratic president's circuit and Supreme Court nominees.

Meanwhile, Robert Robb spins hard in favor of the deal saying, "What does not remain is the ability of Reid to conduct filibusters at the whim of liberal activist groups."

Really? I'll believe that when I see People for the American Way, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Common Cause and the Alliance for Justice screaming their heads off against Sam Alito, Michael Luttig, John Roberts, or Miguel Estrada and one of those gents getting confirmed as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

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