Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stupid is as stupid says

Jules Crittenden of the Boston Herald lists out some notable morons and moronicness on his blog today. He claims that whoever edited this NYT article detailing how the US has been concerned about Iran supplying arms to terrorists in Iraq for at least 20 months is a moron because the editor included this bit of stupidity at the end of the article:

“The fact that Iran may be supplying lethal equipment is all the more reason to deal with them,” Lee H. Hamilton, a co-chairman of the [Iraq Study Group], said in an interview. “We do think it fortifies the case for engaging Iran.”

Crittenden notes how the article "painstakingly lays out the evidence of Iran’s murderous interference in Iraq, pointing out how quiet diplomacy has been attempted and rebuffed, and then . . . closes with a demand for more diplomacy." Sure, the editor is a bit of a fool, but The Monk disagrees with Crittenden's choice of target. Instead, the morons are the US government for putting up with this nonsense without giving Iran a severe swatting and the Iraq Study Group itself, which was filled with realpolitikers, eminence grises without international relations experience and credulous fools -- as Hamilton so aptly demonstrates.

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