Monday, March 26, 2007

Not your core competency

This might be a sign that the global warming alarmist idiocy may be reaching its apex. The bishops of Norway is urging the Norwegian government to do more to fight global warming. This is akin, after a fashion, of every mom and pop investing in and talking about the NASDAQ at dinner.

OSLO, March 26 (Reuters) - Bishops from Norway's Lutheran state church urged the government on Monday to do more to fight global warming in a new sign that religious leaders are getting worried by climate change.

"We are causing terror in creation and we must see that the way we are living today means ruthless exploitation," Bishop Finn Wagle said in a statement.

All 11 Lutheran bishops in Norway, the world's third largest oil exporter, signed up for an appeal drafted by the charity Norwegian Church Aid saying "Norway must start reducing greenhouse gas emissions now."

It said that more than half the cuts should be made in Norway, rather than by buying rights to emit greenhouse gases on a European market or by investing in renewable energy projects in developing nations.

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