Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Five ugly possibilities

NY Post Sports columnist Joel Sherman predicts the following five grim scenarios for the Yanks:

1. A-Rod flounders on defense and offense as he continues to try to fit in.
2. The Dodgers beat the Yanks to Miguel Cabrera after the Marlins put the young star up for a trade.
3. Clemens will return for $13M in late June. Nice work if you can get it.
4. The Yanks will make a small trade for 1B and catcher help, and give up Tyler Clippard and J. Brent Cox to do it -- those prospects are supposedly second-tier but both know how to pitch.
5. Super prospect Philip Hughes will tank in AAA.

The Monk doubts #5, and definitely hopes it won't happen. Nos. 1-3 seem all too plausible.

Meanwhile, Sherman's colleague George King, the Post's Yankee beat writer, predicts the Yanks will go 92-70, win the AL East and knock off the Phillies for the World Series. The Monk says 92 wins won't win the East, the Phillies won't win the NL and I'd not put a nickel down on the Yanks no matter how much talent they have.

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