Saturday, March 31, 2007

Some pre-game notes

Yeah, I'm blogging this shortly after the GTown/OSU game started but I've barely seen anything yet (TiVo equivalent) so these observations may be useful.

First, in the history of the conference, Big East teams have NEVER lost an interconference game in the national semifinals. The Big East has an overall record of 10-2 in the national semifinals but both losses by Big East teams came against a conference foe (1985 - Georgetown 77, St. John's 59; 1987 Syracuse 77, Providence 63). If Georgetown whiffs today, it would be the first loss by a Big East team to a non Big East team in the national semifinals since before the conferene existed (1978 - Duke beat Notre Dame).

Second, The Monk did not mention that this game is a rematch of an NCAA matchup from last year because it is markedly less relevant than the UCLA/Florida rematch between teams similar to the ones that played last year. That's because OSU is led by Conley/Oden, neither of whom played for the team that Georgetown walloped 70-52 in the second round of the '06 Tourney.

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