Thursday, March 15, 2007

2007 NCAA: Simply an embarrassment

In any other year, Stanford's end-season slide would have dumped it off the bubble and into the NIT. This year, this Selection Committee decided to reward poor finishers (Ga. Tech, Stanford) and so the Cardinal got a bid. Fifteen minutes into its first round game against Louisville, only a No. 6 seed, Stanford proved that not only did it not belong in the NCAA, but an NIT bid may have been generous. At the third TV timeout, Stanford trailed 25-10, by the 5:08 mark of the first half, it was 41-13. Louisville led by 26 at the break. The Monk would bet even money that NONE of the #1 seeds will have that large of a margin at halftime.

The Committee fouled up: Stanford had a low RPI, couldn't win road games, had tanked against such middling teams as Air Force (RPI = 30, lost its last four games, out of Tourney) and Santa Clara, and had lost 4 of 5 to end the season. It should not have gained a bid. The Committee embarrassed itself by denying Syracuse while enabling Stanford. The Cardinal embarrassed itself by being dramatically outclassed by only a decent Louisville team. The final irony would be if Trent Johnson loses his job.

The travesty continues. . .

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