Tuesday, July 25, 2006

UN official: Hezbollah are cowards

Yes, I could hardly believe it myself.

BEIRUT, Lebanon - The U.N. humanitarian chief [Jan Egeland] accused Hezbollah on Monday of "cowardly blending" in among Lebanese civilians and causing the deaths of hundreds during two weeks of cross-border violence withIsrael.
"Consistently, from the Hezbollah heartland, my message was that Hezbollah must stop this cowardly blending ... among women and children," he said. "I heard they were proud because they lost very few fighters and that it was the civilians bearing the brunt of this. I don't think anyone should be proud of having many more children and women dead than armed men."

Wow. But this is a UN official so the following is de rigueur:

During that visit, he condemned the killing and wounding of civilians by both sides and called Israel's offensive "disproportionate" and "a violation of international humanitarian law."

What's "international humanitarian law"?

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