Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Back in Big D, finally?

The Monk is in Dallas on a day other than Friday for only about the third time in four months and may be home for awhile.

As you may know, The Monk has been in the Bayou City (aka Houston) for about four months for a trial. The case finally went to a jury yesterday. Because the jury charge is slightly shorter than an unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo, the verdict is not expected back for a few days, at the least.

In the meantime, between now and when The Monk either has to read and figure out the meaning of the verdict (the form is nearly 100 questions with an average of 3 subparts each for the jury to answer, with tons of room for conflicting responses -- this is what happens when the judge won't make a decision on what is legitimate to submit), The Monk will actually contribute on a regular basis to the blog he founded and self-titled. The benefit to you? Uh, my wisdom, obviously. If you feel that's small benefit indeed, consider that I pay Wongdoer even less than that small amount.

Quite honestly, there's plenty going on in the world and expect more chatter here in the near future. My regret is that with all that I've had to do for work, there are obvious items, comments and news of note that I've missed.

For now, start with Andrea Levin's discussion of how the BBC won't let facts color its coverage bashing of Israel, then just go to The Weekly Standard website (see link in left-hand column) and start scrolling.

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