Friday, July 14, 2006

Palestinians in a nutshell

Andy McCarthy can hold my proxy on this:

Count me out of the increasingly popular media theme of current Middle East coverage which holds that Iran is using the poor Palestinians as a cat's paw.

Without any help from Iran, the Palestinians ELECTED Hamas — whose main platform is the destruction of Israel. Before that, they were the willing accomplices of Arafat, whose career was about destroying Israel. The Palestinians are committed to terrorism as a political tool, and refuse — as a matter of policy — to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. Virulent antisemitism is inculcated in children from infancy and is the daily fare of (regime-controlled) media broadcasts, while maps depicting the hoped-for "Palestine" over what was once Israel are commonplace. (By contrast, Palestinians are among the many Arabs living peacefully in Israel — some of whom even serve in Israels' government as our friend Seth Leibsohn pointed out on Bill Bennett's radio show this morning.)

The Palestinians are not victims here; they are top-tier co-conspirators in a broad plan to destroy Israel. They are like mafia buttons — they may not be the Godfather (Iran) or even the local capo (Syria), but when it comes time to whack some Israelis, they're the happy hitman.

Michael Ledeen has been right all along that Iran is the heart of the problem. But the developing narrative that Iran is manipulating the Palestinians is nonsense. It's a fiction based on the delusional hope that we are thisclose to peaceful co-existence ... if only the bad outside influences would just cease and desist.

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