Thursday, July 20, 2006

NAACP, a misnomer

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples.

Yeah. Right.

Jay Nordlinger has a superb Impromptus skewering Julian Bond and the NAACP, who now is targeting the Target stores. A sample:

President Bush has agreed to speak to the NAACP, and I’m sort of sorry about it. For years, every president — every eminento — spoke to the NAACP, because, in doing so, they thought they were speaking to Black America. And that’s the way the NAACP thought too.

But, one day, an extraordinary president — George W. Bush — said no. He recognized, I believe, that the NAACP had become another left-wing hate group.
Whatever the NAACP's glorious past, it can be a nasty piece of work now. And that nastiness is personified by Bond.

He has had a sad trajectory. I remember him well from my growing up. He was an even more prominent figure than he is today — perhaps because he was more measured, more dignified, more sane. I remember, in particular, a speech he gave to several hundred of us when I was in college. He was liberal, all right, and he said a lot of offensive things about President Reagan. But he wasn’t a nut. And he wasn’t pulsing with hate.

The current NAACP President has called on blacks to stay out of Target stores because Target has refused to answer a survey.

A Target spokeswoman said via e-mail that the company opted out of the survey “because Target views diversity as being inclusive of all people from all different backgrounds, not just one group.” The NAACP survey asks only about blacks.

She added that minorities make up 40 percent of Target employees and 23 percent of all officials and managers.

Colored Peoples indeed.

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