Monday, July 31, 2006

Sitting on the Bid

Brian Cashman, who conceivably could be charged with grand larceny, pulled off what could be trading coup of the year yesterday by swapping four prospects, only one of whom - Matt Smith - has seen ML action, for Gold Glove right fielder and slugger Bobby Abreu AND Cory Lidle who will be the desperately needed #4/#5 starter. One of the prospects was a former #1 pick - but at shortstop - and none have played above A.

In the trading business this is called "sitting on the bid" and waiting for the seller to move. And the Phillies did, basically, to dump salary. The opposite of this is called "paying the offer" where the buyer basically gives the seller what he wants. That's what George and the front office used to do, frequently, in the old days when this trade could have cost Melky Cabrera or Philip Hughes.

It's a good move, Abreu has speed - average 30 SBs past seven years, a good arm, can hit for average and power AND has a pestilential on-base percentage which as Buster Olney points out will make the Yankees a meat-grinder for opposing pitchers.

Lidle is a decent back of the rotation guy and an upgrade over Chacon, Ponson and Small and could be a key guy that gives the Yanks a chance to win 3-4 more games down the stretch which could be all the difference in the world.

With the effectiveness of Matsui and Sheffield this year in significant question this is a great trade. Yes, it's a trade for today but the core of the Yanks are in their early to mid-thirties and George is spending money to win NOW.

New York fans will miss George when he's gone.

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