Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lieberman's woes

Three-term incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) is facing a tough challenge in Democratic primary for the right to retain his seat. Lieberman, a hawkish but generally middle of the road Democrat (75-80ish lifetime ADA rating) has a telegenic young business named Ned Lamont running hard to his left. Today's Quinnapiac poll shows Lamont leading Lieberman 51-47% among likely Democratic primary voters.

Lamont is pounding Lieberman on his support of the war. One of his execrable radio ads go to the tune of "Joe Lieberman is hazardous to your health...loved by big oil...good for friendly dinners with Republicans."

While at the end of the day Lieberman will probably edge out a primary win - if he doesn't, he will run as an independent and will quite likely keep his seat. Lamont's surprising strength though is worrisome as it signals unmistakably how the core of the Democratic Party (those who vote in primaries) has veered hard to the left.

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