Thursday, July 27, 2006

Conference of cowards?

Hizb'Allah leader Sheikh Nasrallah is allegedly in Damascus. Captain Ed says he's getting an a**-chewing from his patrons because "Commanders do not often leave a war theater for consultations when operations run smoothly; those who wish to consult come to the commander instead. Otherwise, it risks disrupting the operational flow of a successful campaign. Obviously, Syria and Iran do not consider Hezbollah's performance to fall into that category."

I disagree with the Captain's thought process. First, Nasrallah isn't a "commander" he's a religious-type icon who is all too happy to let others fight and die for him. Second, the Iranian and Syrian consultants know all too well that if they went to Lebanon to meet Nasrallah, they'd be lovely targets for Israeli ordnance. There's safety in Syria considering that Israel has not punished that nation for pulling Nasrallah's puppet strings (bombing the heck out of Syria's air force and ground artillery would be a nice start). This seems like a strategy session, not an instance of calling the subordinate onto the carpet for fouling up.

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