Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday Goodies

1. The Middle East is hoping to wait Bush out. Amir Taheri thinks they might be wrong.

2. Emmanuele Ottolenghi laments that Israel with its low turnout has squandered a real opportunity in the election yesterday. Frankly, a parliamentary system in the case of Israel is just damned silly.

3. Charles Krauthammer catches Francis Fukuyama with his knickers around his ankles after a tawdry little lie. [from yesterday]

4. Peter Schweizer on Cap Weinberger. Much more eloquent than me.

The people he admired the most in politics, he told me, were Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Winston Churchill. He liked that they were uncompromising when it came to taking on the enemies of liberty...The KGB considered him "unflinching," according to their files. Read through the Soviet and East German archives and notice how the military build-up Weinberger orchestrated threw them into an absolute panic. Cap Weinberger was a major architect in winning the Cold War.
He was a member of "The Greatest Generation," but he would speak movingly about the heroic acts of our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. When I asked him to compare today's heroism with that of his generation, he made an interesting point. "Members of 'the greatest generation' were drafted," he told me in a broken voice. "These soldiers all volunteered."

5. Abimael Guzman, the head of Peru's Maoist Shining Path genocidal maniacs, is getting a re-trial. He got life a decade ago for killing 40,000. Jay Nordlinger has an excellent review of Guzman's career. (subscriber only) This is why genocidal maniacs should get a fair trial AND the death penalty.

The difference between Guzmán and Saddam Hussein — and the Nazis and Milosevic and the Rwandan butchers and many others — is that Guzmán never gained power. But in his country, Peru, he managed to kill at least 40,000 people, depending on how you do the accounting.

Btw, Ramsey Clark and Noam Chomsky defended this bugger too.

6. Oh look. Jon Corzine is raising taxes in New Jersey after promising not to during the campaign last fall.

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