Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Goodies

1. Venezuelan firm programs Smartmatic voting machines used in US elections. The same folks who helped Chavez steal his election. Where is the outrage?? HT: LGF.

2. Stephen Harper's government has cut Hamas off the teat.

3. The execrable Cynthia McKinney, Representative from Georgia (D) has always been a piece of work. Earlier this week she slapped a Capitol Hill police officer who attempted to stop her from walking past a metal detector. Members of Congress typically wear lapel pins but McKinney generally refuses to wear hers. Looks like there will be an arrest warrant. Good.

4. Bernard Siegan, R.I.P. OpinionJournal has a profile on Reaganite Bernie Siegan who was Borked just before Bork. Siegan was an outspoken defender of property rights and argued that property rights were not inferior other rights.

5. Victor Davis Hanson has a good mind vitamin on Iraq and al-Qaeda today.

6. Praying doesn't help cardiac patients. Best comment for this result:

"There are no scientific grounds to expect a result and there are no real theological grounds to expect a result either," he said. "There is no god in either the Christian, Jewish or Moslem scriptures that can be constrained to the point that they can be predicted."

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