Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blame Canada . . . and Russia and Norway and . . .

Could you hurt this little creature? Could you beat it, only 12 days to 12 months old, with a wooden club or an ice-pick shaped club until it is dead? If so, you must be a Canadian.

Sick buggers.

The Seal Hunt started yesterday in the home of our cultured, nuanced, peaceful and loving neighbors to the north -- Canada. Every year Canadian fishermen murder baby harp seals for their pelts (adults do not have usable pelts, nearly all other seal varieties grow into their seal-skin with its tight waterproof fur, within a few weeks of birth and before weaning), which are stripped and used for coats in northern countries of Europe, most notably Russia. The demand for seal products has decreased in the past decade or so, even though Canada INCREASED the total allowable kill in 1995 and again in 1997. As the US Humane Society noted:

[T]he Canadian government promotes the hunt. And although the government received scientific evidence that the quota is unsustainable, it has kept the quota at 275,000—a number that, when combined with estimates of animals mortally wounded but not recovered, has been exceeded annually with the exception of 2000.

Recent observers, invited at the invitation of the Canadian government, found that 40% of the seals are skinned while alive and at least partially conscious.

Remember this the next time you hear about the superiority of ANYTHING Canadian.

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