Monday, September 08, 2008

What a WIMP

Obama is a parody of the left-wing Democratic wimp Presidential candidate. He's starting to make Carter and Mondale look tough. Here's a note from Time on Obama's most recent Sunday morning talkathon performance:

This Week [with George Stephanopoulos]: Obama refused to say if Palin is qualified for VP, saying he’s not interested in “a résumé contest.” Defended his community organizer years, calling attacks on the job “puzzling.” Said he once considered joining the military in Hawaii, and said he would cross his party on charter schools and teacher merit pay, military spending, and health care tort reform. Conceded he was “probably” too flip with Rick Warren when he said defining the beginning of life was above his pay grade.

He's not interested in a resume contest? That means he knows he'll lose.

As for his considering joining the military, there's a lot here that went unsaid: Obama claims he considered joining the military when he graduated high school in 1979 and that he signed up for Selective Service (i.e., possible future draft) that same year. This is not so -- Selective Service registration was halted in 1975 and reinstated in 1980 (The Monk signed up in 1988). Obama would have had to sign up in 1980 (the requirement was retroactive), but by then he was a collegian and had more than a year to ponder any decision to join the military.

Does this matter? Only in the landing-in-Bosnia-during-a-firefight manner of exaggerating reality and one's own ego.

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